Employee Scheduling and Shift Management Reinvented

Week at Work is designed to simplify the complex employee scheduling process across a large range of business types. From coffee shops to retail stores and restaurants, Week at Work is built to meet your needs.

Schedule Builder

Build your weekly schedule quicker with a streamlined tool that includes all the relevant data in one place.
Schedule Builder imports all employee time off requests, availability, qualifications, and restrictions to help you build an accurate schedule quickly.


Watch our short videos highlighting the main features of Week at Work and Week at Work Kiosk and how they will help your team schedule weekly and manage daily shifts!
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Kiosk devices allow you to view your daily deployment and manage your daily shift with ease. Position deployments are synced from the Schedule Builder so they are always up-to-date.
Your employees can also sign in to the device and request time off, change their availability, and see their schedule.